Are you ready to be a Champion with PRFXTN ALL-STARS? JUNE 1ST PRFXTN CHEER TRYOUTS!

Class Description

Gymsters-Social skills, body awareness, obstacle course, games & basic tumbling are instilled in this FUN and energetic class!

Kindergym-Focuses on fundamental skills such as forward & backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, bridge kick-over. Classes are often ended with a FUN game or activity. This class is geared to introduce technique while having a blast!

Basics 101-Focuses on basic skills such as handstand, cartwheel, bridge kick-over, back and front walkovers, round-offs & introduction to back handspring drills.

Back Handspring Class-The focus of this class is back handspring training-both standing back handsprings, multiples & round-off back handsprings. Members will learn drills, technique and conditioning to perfect their back handspring! Requirements: back walkover, solid round off & hollow body handstand.


Advanced Backhandspring Class-This class is designed to teach individuals how to connect their back handsprings.  The goal in this class is to master round off back handsprings, standing mulitples, and specialty passes.  Requirements: solid back handspring unassisted on the floor.

Technique Class-Recommended for Cheer,Hip Hop and Dance athletes at all levels.  Dance Technique offers fundamental dance training to ensure students become stronger, more well rounded athletes.  Students will focus on basic technique and stretching whole learning different jazz/modern dance combinations.  Technique Class will help the athlete's overall body strength as well as spatial and body awareness that will translate to other aspects of dance and cheer. 

Tuck Class-The focus of this class is back and front tuck training. Skills learned include round-off back handspring tucks, specialty passes and jumps to back handsprings. Requirements-3 back handsprings & round-off 3 back handsprings.

Layout/Elite Class-The focus of this class is high level training. Skills taught include round-off back handspring layout, standing back handspring series to layout, standing tucks, toe touch back handspring tucks, full twist, and a series of back handspringsto full twist.  Athletes will also learn specialty skills like whips, punch front step out and arabians.  Requirements- solid technique in all Level 3 tumbling skills including but not limited to standing 2 back handsprings to back tuck & round off 2 back handsprings to back tuck.

Flight School-Specific for competition & School team flyers, this class focuses on flexibility, balance and body control to improve flying technique.

Jump Technique-Jump training & conditioning to improve all aspects of jump technique including height, form & flexibility.

Flex PRFXTN-This class is geared to help our members gain flexibility for tumbling, jumps & stunting positions. Flexibility is the key to success!

Cheer Tumble-Focus is on teaching basic All-Star jumps, motions & tumbling. If stunt groups are available, athletes will learn the basics of group stunting. This is a great class to prepare for school cheer, All-Star Pre-Team/Prep squad & Tryouts.

Gym Policy-Tuition is due during the first week of each month. Missed classes must be made up during the month of the missed class.