2018 PRFXTN TRYOUTS MAY 29-30th!

Private Lessons

Private Lessons Options:


Flyer Flexibility & Body Positions


Jump Technique 

Strength & Conditioning

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1. In order to sign up for a lesson we must have a filled out and signed risk & liability waiver.
2. All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance or you will be responsible for the balance of the lesson.
3. All private lesson payments must be made in advance of each lesson.                                                                                                      


Single Private

$35 LEVEL 1-4 Tumbling Skills, Stunt, & Dance Private Lessons


$20 Jr. Coach

Semi-Private $52 ($65 LEVEL 5 SKILLS) $35 Jr. Coach
Group Private 1/2 hour (3-5) $65 ($80 LEVEL 5 SKILLS) $50 Jr. Coach
Group Private 1 hour (3-5) $120 ($145 LEVEL 5 SKILLS) $75 Jr. Coach
"Karleigh began tumbling classes at PRFXTN right around the time she turned 2 years old,  My intention for signing her up at the time was for her to learn to socialize with other kids.  She quickly fell in love with tumbling and soon it was hard to find her standing upright at any given time.  When she was 3 years old she joined Precious Pink, the Tiny Team at PRFXTN.   Being a member of a comepetitive teams, even at age 3, gave her so much confidence!  She loved every minute of it!  Karleigh is now beginning her 4th year as a member of a competitive cheer team.  She has gained so much more than the ability to cheer and tumble.  She has gained the understanding of teamwork, dedication, friendship and loyalty.  She is able to take constructive feedback from her coaches (a big thing for such a sensative girl) because she knows they love her and want the best for her and her teammates.  The social skills she has gained over the years at PRFXTN made the transition to school very easy! No first day jitters!  I honest cannot think of another place I could take my daughter and see so many positive outcomes!  Being a part of the PRFXTN family is one of the BEST things I have done for Karleigh!" 

-Terri Marcischak, "Karleigh's Mom"